Procurement Advertisement for Events Management and Production Service

Title: Procurement of Events Management and Production Service, UKSPF Compliant

Organisation: Like Us (NE) Ltd

Contract Duration: Until the end of March 2025

Background: Like Us (NE) Ltd, in line with the new UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) requirements, is seeking the procurement of a professional Events Management and Production Service. This service is critical for the successful delivery of our publicly funded business support and grant scheme.

Scope of Services:

  1. Events Management: The provider will be responsible for the complete management of various events, including but not limited to corporate gatherings, training workshops, and public engagement events. This includes venue selection, logistics, attendee management, and on-site coordination.
  2. Production Services: The provider will also deliver comprehensive production services, encompassing stage design, audio-visual equipment provision and management, and post-event production activities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement event concepts aligning with the objectives of Like Us (NE) Ltd.
  • Ensure compliance with UKSPF requirements and National Procurement Guidance throughout the contract period, as specified by Like Us (NE) Ltd.
  • Maintain and provide a robust audit trail as required by Like Us (NE) Ltd.


  • Proven expertise in events management and production.
  • Demonstrable experience in adhering to public procurement regulations, particularly within the UKSPF framework.
  • Capability to work as part of a team and white label.
  • Ability to provide ongoing support and adapt to changes in procurement regulations and guidelines as communicated by Like Us (NE) Ltd or any of its relevant clients.

Application Process: Interested parties should submit a proposal outlining their experience, a detailed approach to meeting the requirements, and any evidence of previous work in similar projects. Proposals should also include a clear indication of the pricing structure.

Deadline for Submission: [Insert Deadline]

Contact Information: For further inquiries or submission of proposals, please contact info@like-us.co.uk 

Note: Like Us (NE) Ltd is committed to fair and transparent procurement processes. All applicants will be assessed based on their ability to meet the outlined requirements and demonstrate value for money and service quality.