Meet Our Team


With over 25+ years of propelling teams towards business triumph, Carole is an engaging communicator skilled at all levels, client needs, and strategic targets. A rule-breaking innovator, her own entrepreneurial ventures span construction, high fashion, and virtual assistance domains.

Off-duty, she revels in tennis, culinary creations, and laser tag arenas, savouring life’s nuanced moments and fostering fun at every turn.


Introducing Shak: Beyond Boundaries, Defying Norms

Meet Shak, a dynamic figure with an eclectic background that spans the public, private, and third sectors. He’s not just acquainted with their needs – he intuitively understands and empathises with them. A true people person and exceptional communicator, Shak weaves connections effortlessly across all levels.

Shak is a maverick of ideas, with a twist that sets him apart from the ordinary. If there’s a box, you can bet he’s standing firmly outside of it. An entrepreneur and innovator of the highest order, he thrives on pushing boundaries and defying conventions.

His passion for equality and diversity ignites every facet of his work. Shak’s vision is one where inclusivity thrives and opportunities are abundant for all.

His diverse interests mirror his multi-faceted persona. From crafting music that resonates to spinning the decks as a DJ, he finds solace and inspiration in melodies. Good movies, exceptional cuisine, roaring engines of cars and motorcycles – they all captivate his curious mind. And don’t be surprised to find him indulging in a throwback to old-school video games, where he finds joy in every pixel.

With Shak, innovation meets passion, and boundaries become limitless. His presence is a catalyst for transformative change, a testament to the power of embracing uniqueness.


Meet Annmarie, the Marvellous Maven of Business Adventures!

With a treasure chest of 35+ years in the business realm, Annmarie is your seasoned guide through the entrepreneurial labyrinth. From operations to high-ranking management across the UK, she’s the Sherlock Holmes of deciphering business needs and planting seeds of growth that sprout into success.

But wait, there’s more to this business maestro. When the spreadsheets take a break, Annmarie is a globetrotter extraordinaire, hopping from one corner of the world to another. From tasting exotic delicacies to whipping up her own magic in the kitchen, she’s a baking wizard!

And here’s where the quirky twist enters the stage: Annmarie is not just a numbers ninja – she’s also a green-thumbed wizard. In her secret garden (also known as her allotment), she commands the soil and cultivates a paradise of veggies and flowers.

But that’s not all – Annmarie is a master of teleportation, zipping between the sunny embrace of the North East and the charming Portuguese countryside. As if that weren’t enough, she also moonlights as the team’s strategist, finance guru, and organizational dynamo. Who knew one person could wear so many capes?

Our expertise, combined with a unique blend of experiences and industry intelligence, positions us as the go-to partner for public sector organisations, including combined authorities, local councils, and government departments.


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Introducing Rahfe: Where Entrepreneurship Meets Enchantment

Prepare to meet Rahfe, a luminary woven with the threads of entrepreneurship and innovation. More than just a Business Owner and Director across diverse sectors, Rahfe is a visionary weaving a touch of enchantment into every business endeavor.

As he navigates the labyrinth of grants and designs an array of support avenues, Rahfe’s passion radiates through every step. Armed with a First Class Honours in Business Management and a finesse for Project Management, he’s an undeniable force.

Yet, there’s more to Rahfe than meets the eye. A closet brimming with accolades in the Mechanical Engineering Industry labels him a true Renaissance soul. When he isn’t sculpting business strategies, Rahfe’s musical prowess shines as he spins tunes as a DJ. His spirit of exploration leads him to the silver screen, and the local shores and countryside become his sanctuary for rejuvenation.

Join us in the realm of Rahfe, where entrepreneurship dances with a sprinkle of magic. Together, we weave dreams into reality and transform visions into smiles.


Presenting Oliver: The Maestro of Innovation, In-House Dynamo

Meet Olly, our in-house director and the undisputed content king. With a tech wizardry that rivals the best, Olly seamlessly crafts graphics, photos, and videos, leaving a trail of awe in his wake. His ability to conjure visuals is almost magical – it’s no exaggeration to say he turns ideas into reality in the blink of an eye.

An unquenchable thirst for knowledge propels Olly forward. Every dawn brings a new adventure, as he bursts through the door with a newfound gem of wisdom or a freshly discovered technique to share with the world. His enthusiasm is infectious, igniting creativity and innovation throughout our team.

Olly’s interests embody his zest for the dynamic. Streaming his gaming exploits, he immerses himself in the virtual worlds he loves. But he’s not just a player – he’s a creator, crafting tech review videos that marry insight and excitement. When not navigating digital landscapes, Olly takes to the streets on two wheels, a keen cyclist with a taste for speed. And speaking of speed, fast cars are his kryptonite, their roaring engines fueling his passion for all things rapid.

This young trailblazer is on a trajectory to greatness. Oliver’s presence is a constant reminder that innovation knows no bounds, and every day is a canvas for groundbreaking discovery.


Introducing Lewis, the Social Sorcerer!

Lewis lives for the thrill of interaction, turning everyday conversations into captivating tales. For him, life’s grandest quest is forging new friendships and unravelling the secrets of the universe one chat at a time. A master in the art of sparking chatter, Lewis could make a cactus divulge its deepest thoughts!

But wait, there’s more to this enchanting individual. When the moon rises and stars twinkle, you’ll find Lewis on culinary escapades. With his partner by his side, they embark on quests to uncover the quirkiest restaurants in town, transforming each meal into a culinary adventure.

And let’s not forget his secret identity: Tabletop Titan! Lewis is the mastermind behind thrilling TTRPG escapades, guiding his loyal fellowship through uncharted realms of imagination. But that’s not all – he’s also an artist of miniature marvels, conjuring life into figurines with strokes of colourful creativity.

Oh, and did we mention his voyage as a marine biology degree holder? After that, he spread his wings and journeyed the globe for a decade, absorbing the wonders of diverse lands.

So, if you seek a social maestro, a culinary conjurer, a tabletop wizard, a figurine Picasso, and a seasoned world explorer, you’ve just met Lewis – the one who turns the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Our expertise, combined with a unique blend of experiences and industry intelligence, positions us as the go-to partner for public sector organisations, including combined authorities, local councils, and government departments.